Where going to
the dentist isn’t like “going to the dentist.”

Dental 32 is not your average practice. Sure, we offer all the services other dentists do – really, really well if we do say so ourselves – but our secret sauce is the experience we provide. Friendly and upbeat. Colorful and fresh. As comfortable as possible, and focused on helping you find your ultimate smile.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Steve Truong

I’m a lifelong Okie who learned to two-step while completing my Biology degree at Oklahoma State University. I earned my D.D.S. at the University of Oklahoma, so as you can imagine, I’m dedicated to promoting optimum oral health to Cowboys and Sooners alike (and all Thunder fans, of course).

There’s no better place to be than OKC, and I’m excited to share my talents and passion with our growing community.


Dr. Connor Hieger

Originally from Tulsa, I achieved my DDS from the University of Oklahoma following my undergraduate studies at the University of Arkansas (Woo Pig!). Beyond the dental realm, catch me enjoying a round of bogey golf or discovering hidden gems in OKC's culinary landscape. I'm honored to bring exceptional dental care to the community I call home.


Word of Mouth(s)

“From the way Steve arranged his crayon box as a kid, I just knew he was going to arrange teeth well as a dentist.”
Dr. TRUONG’s Mom
“Connor could never remember any of his classmates names in kindergarten - he could only describe them by their teeth!”
Dr. Connor hieger’s Mom

What Makes Dental 32 Different

Teamwork Makes the Gleam Work

The Dental 32 team works with seamless coordination behind-the-scenes to perform the slickest of moves with a spirit of passionate determination to make your experience as comfortable, quick, and simple as possible. We’re like the “Ocean’s 11” of dentistry. Call us “Ocean’s 32.”

Service with Multiple Smiles

The Dental 32 team is focused on making every detail of your experience a positive one. Everything we say and do is intentional and authentic to our mission. Whether it’s providing extended office hours or spending extra time to make sure you understand every necessary detail, our culture is built on taking care of your every need. We came here to make your day better and to chew sugar-free bubble gum, and we’re all out of bubble gum.

In the Heart of Downtown OKC

Our job is to provide to clients their healthiest smile possible, and since 2015, residents of Oklahoma City have been able to tell friends something that sounds pretty crazy: they’re going to a block party thrown by their dentist! Our annual “Smile Saturday” event celebrates community and our commitment to serve our neighbors in the city’s urban core. And you know that, of course, nothing’s more fun than smiling. Especially when there are free snow cones.